Horizontal Bar Charts for Build Your Own Reports

Horizontal bar charts display data in a series of bars that run from left to right. Horizontal bar graphs use the y-axis for labeling categories, while numeric data is measured along the x-axis. This type of chart is useful if the label text for categories is particularly long.


This image is an example of a horizontal bar chart in the report builder:

Drop Y-Axis

In a horizontal bar chart, the y-axis includes numeric information, such as the number of client computers or jobs in each status.

Drop X-Axis

In a horizontal bar chart, the x-axis includes text-based information, such as client computer names or job statuses.


You can open the Properties dialog box by clicking Edit Properties .


Chart Title

Allows you to specify the name of the chart.


By default, displays the automatically-generated identifier for the chart. You can specify a different chart ID.

Data Set

Displays the data set used to create the chart. This box is not editable.

Y-Axis Title

Allows you to specify the label for y-axis data that runs horizontally across the bottom of the chart.

X-Axis Title

Allows you to specify the label for x-axis data that runs vertically up the side of the chart.

Chart Type

By default, displays the type of chart you chose to create. You can change the chart type by selecting another type from the list.

Look and Feel

Show Gridlines

When selected, shows the gridlines in the chart. When cleared, hides the gridlines in the chart.

Show Data Labels

When selected, displays the value associated with each bar. When cleared, hides the value associated with each bar.

Show Legend

When selected, displays a legend for the chart information and the Max Legend Label Length and Legend Position settings. When cleared, hides Legend information and settings.

Max Legend Label Length

Allows you to configure the maximum number of characters in legend labels.

Legend Position

Allows you to configure the placement of the legend in the chart. Can be Top, Bottom, Right or Left.

Toggle Chart

When selected, flips the x-axis data into descending order. When cleared, the x-axis data appears in the ascending order.


Sort By

Allows you to sort the data by the X-Axis or Y-Axis values.

Sort Order

Allows you to sort data in ascending or descending order.



Allows you to specify the type of numeric value to display in the bars.

Auto convert values

When selected, automatically converts display sizes for labels. For example, 10,000 KB is converted to 10 MB.


Slant X-Axis Labels

When selected, displays x-axis labels at a slanted angle and allows you to specify the degree of the angle. When cleared, displays x-axis labels

Max Points

Allows you to specify the maximum number of data points that will appear in the chart.

All Points

When selected, displays all data points. When cleared, the Max Points setting controls the number of data points that appear in the chart.

Custom Colors

You can configure a color for each x-axis data point.

Custom Groups

You can create custom bars based on the data in each field in the chart.

Field Name Option

When selected, enables the custom group settings you configured.

Field Name Dialog Box

Allows you to specify a set of custom bars based on a formula that you enter. Select a field name, and then click Edit to open this dialog box.

Custom Code

On Click

Allows you to configure an action on a bar or the entire chart using JavaScript.

Customize Legend Labels

Allows you to configure an action on the legend labels using JavaScript.