Configuring List Inputs for Oracle Database Reports

To create any kind of list input in your reports from an Oracle database data set, you must first globally define some collection types in your Oracle database.

About This Task

For instructions on how to add additional settings from the CommCell Console, see Add or Modify an Additional Setting.


  1. Create the collection types for list inputs automatically using an additional setting, or create the collection types manually in the Oracle database:
    • To enable the Custom Reports Engine (CRE) to automatically create the Oracle collection types, in the CommCell Console, add the autoCreateListType additional setting and configure the following values:
      Property Value
      Name autoCreateListType
      Category CustomReportsEngine
      Type Boolean
      Value 1
    • To manually configure each collection type, in the Oracle database, create the following collection types:
      • CREATE TYPE string_list IS TABLE OF nvarchar2(32767)
      • CREATE TYPE number_list IS TABLE OF number
      • CREATE TYPE float_list IS TABLE OF float
      • CREATE TYPE date_list IS TABLE OF date
      • CREATE TYPE boolean_list IS TABLE OF boolean
      • CREATE TYPE timestamp_list IS TABLE OF timestamp
  2. Optional: If you have already created collection types from the previous step with a different name, or if any of the names conflict with any other collection types in your Oracle database, you can set a registry key on the CommServe computer instead.
    1. Open the Registry Editor and go to ##_DOC_OEM_INSTALL_DESTINATION_COMPANY_FOLDER_## > Galaxy > Instance > CustomReportsEngine.
    2. Right-click CustomReportsEngine and select New > String Value.
    3. In the Name box, enter any of the following collection type names, double-click the Name, and then enter the associated value in the Value data box:
      Value Name Value Data
      ORACLE_STRING_TYPE string_list
      ORACLE_NUMBER_TYPE number_list
      ORACLE_FLOAT_TYPE float_list
      ORACLE_DATE_TYPE date_list
      ORACLE_BOOLEAN_TYPE boolean_list
      ORACLE_TIMESTAMP_TYPE timestamp_list

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