Finding the Object for a Chart Component

You can find the object for a report component where you want to create a link to a secondary report page.

Before You Begin

  • To create data sets, build reports, manage reports, and deploy reports to the dashboard, your CommCell user account requires a role with the following permissions: Add Report, Delete Report, Edit Report, Execute Report, Add Datasource, Delete Datasource, Edit Datasource, Query Datasource.
  • Your CommCell user account must have an association with the CommCell entity.

For more information on users, permissions, and associations, see User Administration and Security - Overview.


  1. On the Web Console for the Private Metrics Reporting Server, click Reports.

    The Worldwide Dashboard appears.

  2. At the top of the page, click Worldwide Reports, click Report Manager , and on the Reports tab, next to the Report Name under Actions, click Edit.
  3. Press F12.

    The Developer Tools window appears.

  4. Click a report object, such as a column, bar, pie piece, data point, or legend.
  5. The object information appears highlighted in the Developer Tools window.