Health Report - Index Backup

This report lists the status of index backups for each backup set in the CommCell environment.

Column Description
Client Name of the client computer.
Agent Type of agent.
Backup Set Name of the backup set.
Index Server Name of the index server.
Index Last Backup Time Date and time of the last index backup.
Status Indicates the status of index backups for the backup set:
  • Good: last index backup is fewer than 15 days old.
  • Warning: last index backup is 15 to 30 days old.
  • Critical: last index backup is over 30 days old.

To view the parameters for the different status types, click on any value in the Status column. For instructions, see View Health Report Parameters.

To view this report:

  • In the Health Report, in the Indexing and Search table, next to Index Backup, click View Details.