Health Report - Live Sync Status

This report lists each source and destination VM configured to use live sync, including the last sync time and status.

Column Description
CommCell Name Name of the CommServe where the VMs reside.
Source VM Name VM that will be replicated and synced.
Destination VM Name VM where replications are synced and stored.
Last Sync Time Time when the last live sync job ran.
Schedule Name Name of the schedule for live sync jobs.
Sync Status Status of the live sync job, such as Sync Failed, Needs Sync, or In Sync.
Status Status of the virtual machine sync, including Good, Warning, or Critical. To view the parameters for the different status types, click on any value in the Status column. For instructions, see View Health Report Parameters.

To view this report:

  • In the Health Report, in the Job table, next to Live Sync Status, click View Details.