APSS - Missed SLA Report - View Report

You can view the APSS - Missed SLA Report on your local Web Console hosted by the Private Metrics Reporting Server. The report is available only at the Worldwide level.

Before You Begin

  • The CommServe computer that hosts the Metrics Reporting Server is available as a data source by default. If you need to generate this report on a remote CommServe computer, then you must add the CommServe computer as a data source. For more information, see Data Sources for Reports.
  • To view reports downloaded from Software Store or created with Build Your Own Reports, your CommCell user account requires:
    • A role with the Execute Report permission
    • An association with the CommCell entity.

    For more information on users, permissions, and associations, see User Administration and Security - Overview.

  • Enable Proactive Support.
  • Install and deploy the APSS Enable SLA Workflow.
  • Download the APSS - Missed SLA  Report from Software Store.


    1. Log on to the Web Console.
    2. Click Reports.

      The Worldwide Dashboard appears.

    3. At the top of the page, click Worldwide Reports.
    4. Click APSS - Missed SLA.

      The APSS - Missed SLA Report appears.

    5. From the Client Groups list, select the client groups that you want to include in the report, and then click Apply.
    6. To exclude any of the clients from SLA and strike count, next to the subclient, click Exclude Subclient from SLA, and in the APSS Exclude SLA dialog box, click OK.

      The Exclude Clients from SLA workflow runs.


    The row for the subclient is removed from the report.