Rename a File or Folder in an ObjectStore Using ID (REST API: PUT)


This operation renames a file or a folder in the ObjectStore based on the file or folder GUID.



PUT <webservice>/contentstore/file/{fileOrfolderId}/action/rename HTTP/1.1
Host: <host name>
Accept: application/xml
Authtoken: <authentication token>
Content-type: application/xml

<App_FileResourceInfo name="" />

where <webservice> is the root path used to route the API requests to the Web Server.

For more information, see Available Web Services for REST API.

Request Parameters

Name Description Required
fileOrfolderId The GUID of the file or folder. GUID is a unique identifier for a file or folder and remains the same even when you rename or move the file or folder to another path.

To retrieve the GUID of the file or folder, see View ObjectStore File Properties.


Request Headers

Name Description
Host The host name of the Web Server or Web Console used in the API request.
Accept The format of the response. Valid values are: application/xml or application/json.
Authtoken The authentication token received after successfully logging on. For details on receiving an authentication token, see Authentication.

Request Body

An XML element is required. See Syntax. The following table displays the parameters for the request body.

Name Description Elements
name The new name for the file or folder. App_FileResourceInfo


Response Parameters

Parameter Description Element
errorCode The possible error codes.

Valid values are:

  • 0, successful completion.
  • a specific error code.
errorMessage The description of the error code. Not all error codes have an error message. response

Supported Error Codes

Code Status Description
400 Bad Request The request is missing required parameters or the file/folder name has some unacceptable characters.
404 Not Found The specified file or folder does not exist.
409 Conflict A file or folder with the specified new name already exists in the specified location.