Prerequisites for the Cloud Global Repository Cell Setup

The following sections explain the requirements that are mandatory for the Cloud Global Repository Cell setup to work effectively.


The Global Repository Cell and the PodCells must have the same version of the CommServe software installed.

For more information, see CommServe Installation.


If you want to restore data from any imported client, at least one MediaAgent must be installed on the Global Repository Cell. For more information, see MediaAgent Installations.

Cloud Storage

The Cloud Global Repository Cell requires cloud storage that is accessible by both the Global Repository Cell and the PodCell. You can use an existing cloud library, or you can configure new cloud storage. To configure new cloud storage, purchase a cloud storage account, and then acquire the access credentials.

For a list of cloud storage products that you can use with the CommServe software, see Cloud Storage - Support. If the cloud storage product that you want to use is not listed, then you can verify the compatibility of the cloud storage product with SnapProtect. For more information, see Verifying Cloud Storage Product Compatibility with SnapProtect.

SQL Server Version

Global Repository Cell uses database dump files. For restoring dump files, the Global Repository Cell must be on the same version or a more recent version of Microsoft SQL Server as the PodCell is on.

User Permissions

The CommCell user who uses the CommCell Registration Wizard must have the following permissions:

  • Alert Management
  • Administrative Management

For more information, see User Security Permissions and Permitted Actions.