Admin Console for ScaleOut Storage Pool

The Admin Console is a web-based application that allows the administrator to monitor the status of all the ScaleOut Storage Pool blocks. For more information on Admin Console, see Commvault Solutions for Data Protection and Recovery.


  1. Open your web browser and type the Admin Console URL in the address bar.
  2. The URL should be in the following format: http://<HostName>:<Port>/adminconsole, for example: http://client.mydomain.com/adminconsole.
  3. Type your login credentials and click Login to access the Admin Console.
  4. On the Admin Console window, select the Storage Pools menu.

    All the configured Storage Pools will be displayed together with their status.

  5. Click the Storage Pool to view the components.


The Storage Pool console displays the following components and their status:

Components Description
Total Application Size The total amount of data that is backed up on the Storage Pool.
  • Storage Policy
  • Total Application Size
  • Size on Disk
  • Deduplication Savings
  • MediaAgent
  • Capacity
  • Free Space
  • The name of the storage policy with global deduplication. This is created by default when the Storage Pool is configured.
  • This displays the total amount of data that is backed up on the Storage Pool.
  • Total amount of data on disk after deduplication and compression.
  • The savings percentage after deduplication.
  • The Linux MediaAgent nodes that are a part of the Storage Pool.
  • Individual storage capacity of each MediaAgent node.
  • Available free space on each individual MediaAgent node.
Retention The data will be retained in the Storage Pool for the defined number of days.
Device Path The path of the disk storage area in which the data will be stored.
Total Capacity The total storage capacity of the selected Storage Pool.
Free Space The available free space on the selected Storage Pool.
Nodes per Block The number of MediaAgent nodes configured per Storage Pool. By default a Storage Pool comprises of three MediaAgent nodes.
Redundancy Factor The number of nodes which can be down without affecting the data protection operations. By default this is set to one. This number is proportional to Nodes per Block.
Status Displays whether the Storage Pool is online or offline.
Node The MediaAgent node name.
Path Displays the different disks on the MediaAgent nodes that are a part of the storage pool.