Backup Copy Options

Use this dialog box to select the options regarding a backup copy operation.

No. of Jobs to Run
Number of Simultaneous jobs to run
Allows you to select the data streams that are copied at the same time during the SnapProtect backup operation.
Allow Maximum
If selected, the maximum number of data streams will be copied at the same time during the SnapProtect backup.
Start new media
If selected, the option causes the following to occur:
  • If removable media (tape) is being used on a secondary copy, the current active media is marked as full and a new media is used for the auxiliary copy.
  • If disk media is used, a new volume folder is created for the auxiliary copy.
When the option is not selected, the SnapProtect backup automatically uses the current active media or volume.
Mark Media Full on Success
If selected, the media used for the SnapProtect backup is marked full after the operation is successfully completed.