SnapProtect - SnapProtect for Open Systems C-Mode - Getting Started – NetApp

Configure the following before performing a SnapMirror operation. Skip this page if you are not using SnapMirror.


  • The NetApp SnapMirror feature requires the NetApp Snap Management license and to set up the SnapMirror.
  • A replication Storage Policy. You may use the replication Storage Policy created in the Configuration.

Create a Secondary Snapshot Copy

After the Storage Policy is created along with the Primary Snap Copy, the Secondary Snap Copy must be created on the new Storage Policy.

  1. From the CommCell Browser, navigate to Policies | Storage Policies.

    Right-click the <Storage Policy> and click All Tasks | Create New Snapshot Copy.

  2. The Snap Copy Properties dialog box appears.

    Type the Copy Name.

    Select the Library and MediaAgent from the drop-down list.

    Mirror for the protection type is selected by default.

    It is recommended that the selected disk library uses a CIFS or NFS share or a LUN on the File server.

  3. Click the Copy Policy tab.

    Depending on the topology you want to set up, click Specify Source for Auxiliary Copy and select the source copy.

    Copies can be created for the topologies listed in the following table:


    Source Copy

    Primary-Mirror Primary
    Primary-Mirror-Mirror Mirror
  4. Click the Provisioning tab.

    Click Refresh to display the entities.

    Select the Provisioning Policy from the drop-down list.

    Select the Resource Pools available from the list.

    Click OK to create the secondary snapshot copy.

  5. Once you added the Resource Pools as described above, add the arrays that appeared in the Resource Pools to the Array Management. Use Setup Array Information as in the Configuration.