SnapProtect - SnapProtect for Open Systems- Overview

SnapProtect for Open Systems 7-Mode (SPOS) and SnapProtect for Open Systems C-Mode (SPOS C-Mode) are full volume block level incremental replication features. SPOS and SPOS C-mode replicate heterogeneous data from source partitions and volumes of UNIX and Windows clients to NetApp 7-Mode (SPOS) or C-mode (SPOS C-Mode) destination filer. The destination filer is as a single LUN with a single partition onto a SnapVault copy (SPOS) or onto a destination qtree on a single destination volume (SPOS C-Mode).

SPOS or SPOS C-Mode are designed to be run as processes of a replication workflow, to ensure the use of a single destination NetApp volume as a fan-in destination for many clients under a single dataset or storage policy, respectively.

Refer to 7-Mode for more information on SnapProtect for Open Systems 7-Mode.

Refer to C-Mode for more information on SnapProtect for Open Systems C-Mode.