SnapProtect - SnapProtect for Open Systems -Getting Started – NetApp

Perform a backup

The backup of the block level replication consists of the deployment and executing of the workflow.

Before deploying and executing the workflow, enable SnapProtect at client and subclient levels, for all subclients associated to the storage policy from which the workflow is executed.

Deploying the Workflow

Make sure to deploy the Replication workflow template on the workflow engine from which you plan to execute it.

Executing the Workflow

The recommended usage to execute the replication workflow is from the Storage Policy level.

The following steps execute the workflow from the Storage Policy level:

  1. From the CommCell Browser, navigate to Policies | Storage Policies.

    Right-click the <Storage Policy> and then click All Tasks | Run Replication Workflow.

For more information on this workflow, please see Replication Workflow.