Accessing Exchange Data from Database Snapshots

You can create a snapshot of an Exchange database using SnapProtect.

Snapshots are created in one of the following ways:

After you take a snapshot of the Exchange database using the Exchange Database Agent, you can protect the data using a mailbox agent. The mailbox agent mounts the snapshot on the MediaAgent (source or proxy), and then backs up the mailboxes based on a pattern (for example, regular expression). This is known as snap mining and it provides a granular method of extracting the data from the snapshot.


Backup and archiving are supported for Exchange Server versions:

  • Stand-alone environments: Exchange 2007 and later
  • DAG environments: Exchange 2010 and later

Mailbox Quotas are supported by snap mining.

Note: Exchange 2010 message moderation approval requests might fail to restore if they were protected by a snap mining operation.