Planning for Your System Monitoring Policy

Before you run the Monitoring Policy wizard, you must collect the information that is required during the policy creation. Use the following checklist as preliminary considerations before creating the monitoring policy:

Decide what type of template you want to use

The monitoring policy uses a template to define the type of data to monitor. Use the following process to help you decide:

  1. Analyze your environment and identify the type of data that you want to monitor. For example, user activity or network statistics.
  2. Review the list of predefined templates and their properties. For more information, see Monitoring Policy Templates for System Monitoring.

Gather the data needed for the template you choose

To use the Activity Monitoring template, you need the following information:

  • The name of the client computers and client groups you want to monitor for user activity.
  • For Windows and UNIX clients, the file system paths you want to monitor for read, write, and execute activity.

    Best Practice: The Activity Monitoring template is intended to help you monitor sensitive or important data in your network. You should monitor specific file system paths, not an entire disk.