Enabling Security on Roles

Use this additional setting to require users to have the View permission on a role before they can use the role to create a security association. When security on roles is enabled, the following changes occur in the CommCell Console:

  • The Security tab appears in the Add Role and Edit Role dialog boxes
  • The Roles node appears in the Entities box when you create a security association for a user or a user group

Note: If you are installing SnapProtect software for the first time and are using v11 Service Pack 6 or higher, the security on roles feature is enabled by default.


  • On the CommServe computer, add the bEnableSecurityOnRoles additional setting as shown in the following table.

    For instructions on adding additional settings from the CommCell Console, see Add or Modify an Additional Setting.

    Property Value
    Name bEnableSecurityOnRoles
    Category CommServDB.GxGlobalParam
    Type BOOLEAN
    Value True