APSS Exclude SLA Workflow

This workflow excludes subclients from the Service Level Agreement (SLA) calculation and Client Strike calculation for the Worldwide Dashboard, CommCell Dashboard, SLA Report, and Client Strike Count Report. You can see a list of the subclients that failed to meet SLA in the Missed SLA Report on Web Console and execute the workflow from the report.

How Does It Work?

This predefined workflow automates the following operations:

  • Enables the Exclude from SLA option in the Subclient Properties dialog box.

Before You Begin

Download the APSS Exclude SLA workflow from the Software Store. See Downloading, Deploying, and Updating Workflows from Software Store.


You must execute this workflow from the APSS - Missed SLA Report on Web Console. For instructions, see APSS - Missed SLA Report - View Report.

Note: This workflow cannot be manually executed from the CommCell Console.

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