New User Signup Workflow

New User Signup is a predefined workflow for creating a new CommCell user. It is commonly used in CommCell environments where you are renting the CommServe as a service provider to multiple tenants.

This workflow is automatically triggered when a user registers through the Web Console. During the account creation process, the workflow notifies the administrator that the account was created, and the new user that the account is ready.

How Does It Work?

This predefined workflow automates these operations:

  1. Creates the new account using the details from the new user request.
  2. Sends an email notifying the administrator of the new user's creation. Note that this step requires the administrator account to have an e-mail address assigned to it.
  3. Assigns the new user to a new or existing user group, based on the user type and permissions associated with the authorization code entered.

    For example, if the user sent a request for a business account from the Web Console, the workflow creates a new user group and client group with the company name specified in the request.

    If the requestor has not provided an authorization code, or the provided code is not valid, the account is not created, and the requestor receives an e-mail to that effect.

  4. Sends one email to the administrator saying the account was created, and another containing the Web Console URL to the new user, indicating the account is ready to be used.

Customizing the Emails for the Administrator and User

The email address associated with this workflow, to which confirmation email messages are sent, are preconfigured in the workflow. By default:

  • For the informational email automatically sent to the administrator account, both the From and To fields in the are populated with the administrator's email address. This address is represented by the string,
  • For the confirmation email sent to the new user, the From address is the administrator's email address, and the To field contains both the address the new user provided when signing up,
    xpath:{/workflow/variables/userEmail}, and the Referral email address, xpath:{/workflow/variables/Referral}. The Referral email address is the email address of the authorizer, to which an email is sent when the new user submits the request.

These can both be modified in the workflow, by following these steps:

  1. From the CommCell Browser, go to Workflows.
  2. Right-click the New User Signup workflow and then click All Tasks > Edit.
  3. Right-click the Auto Email to Admin activity and then click Properties to customize the emails to suit your environment:
    1. From the Inputs tab, place your cursor in the To box and add or modify emails as required. The administrator's email address is placed here by default.
    2. Accept or change the supplied default Subject for the email.
    3. Click OK.
  4. Repeat the previous step for the Final Email to MSP User and Final Email to Laptop User activities.
  5. Save and Deploy the new workflow.

    The updated Workflow appears in the CommCell Console with an updated version.

Note that the actual workflow is customizable to support company-specific operations. For more information on workflows, see Workflow - Getting Started.