Getting Started - SharePoint Server iDataAgent - Overview


Microsoft SharePoint offers multiple methodologies for data protection, data storage, and data archiving. SnapProtect’s SharePoint Server Agent empowers customers to leverage these methods for a complete data management solution for SharePoint from a single point of administration.

Following items are backed up while running a SharePoint Server Agent backup job.

Farm Components Content Databases Web Applications
Site Collections Sites and Subsites Pages
Libraries Documents Lists and List Items
Forms Versions Permissions
Templates Settings and Views BLOB

The following image shows an example SharePoint Farm with SnapProtect components and data flow for a SharePoint data management operation.

Key Features

The SharePoint Server Agent offers the following key features:

Full Fidelity Backup and Recovery

The SharePoint Agent can bring back corrupt data and lost information of a particular time frame with all metadata intact during a full farm disaster recovery or a document level disaster recovery.

Simplified Backup and Recovery Strategy

The backup and restore procedures are consolidated to simplify administration while being resilient against failures. Instead of using various data management methods, the SharePoint Server Agent provides a single set of policies for a complete and consolidated data management approach.

Fast Backup and Recovery for Content Database

Leveraging SnapProtect, hardware array based snapshots can be taken of content databases allowing for the creation of nearly instantaneous recovery points. Snapshots can be used to perform volume revert, where supported, for nearly instantaneous recovery as well. Streaming based recovery is also available as is the ability to mount snap shots on demand for native copy access to content databases. The SharePoint Agent’s Offline Browse feature allows granular recovery of documents, lists, and sites, directly from the snapshot.

Protect all SharePoint Components

All SharePoint entities that exist on the Windows File System and IIS components related to SharePoint are protected along with all logical SharePoint components.

RBS Aware Backup for Content Database

Content database backups are fully RBS aware* and protect RBS blobs along with their corresponding content databases.

*Support only Microsoft provided File Stream RBS provider.

Infinishare for SharePoint

Infinishare can access network file shares through a SharePoint site. You will view the files as a regular SharePoint content, even though the files reside on the network file share.

Content Indexing and Search

Content Indexing and Search enables users to content index their data and later search the data from a user-friendly web interface. The users can also perform restore operations or other advanced actions on the searched data.

Web Console and End User Interface

End users can access and manage their documents or files from any remote computer that runs a Java-enabled web browser by using a web-based application called the Web Console. The console is a self service application that enables end users to perform browse, restore, and download operations.


The SharePoint documentation uses the following terminology:

Terminology Description


The computer in which the iDataAgent is installed and contains the data to be secured.


A software module in the system that performs SharePoint data protection operations.

Backup Set

A group of subclients which includes all of the data backed up by the iDataAgent.


The SharePoint data to be backed up.