CommServe Database Long-Term Archiving

The CommServe database maintains a list of all job operations for each client in the CommCell environment. Over time, the number of job entries in the database increases significantly. The increase in job entries may slow down database performance, resulting in longer backup and recovery time.

Use the CommServe Database Long-Term Archiving solution to free up space in the database by moving the metadata records of old backup jobs to a separate file based on specified criteria.

The Long-Term Archiving solution for the CommServe database uses a Python script to archive the backup job entries in the database. The archive process involves the following phases:

  1. Setting up the environment for running the script.

    For example,

    • Create log files directory.
    • Record the environmental variables in the log files.
  2. Creating the CCM Export XML file and running the CCM Export operation for the specified clients.

    The export operation creates a dump folder with relevant details for each client.

  3. Identifying the job entries from the dump folder for each client.

    The identified jobs are listed in a JobsToArchive.txt  file. Next, the media associated with the jobs are identified and moved to Overwrite Protected pool. The media list is stored in a MediaArchiveList.txt file.

  4. Deleting the job entries from the database.

    The metadata information for the identified jobs is removed from the database. The related job history records are removed during the next data aging operation.