CommServe XML Files on the Command Line

You can perform CommCell operations using XML files. The qoperation execute command uses the XML files as input files. Parameters can be defined in the XML and directly on the command line.


In the following example, a user changes directories, logs on, and uses the qoperation execute command to execute the resubmit_job_template.xml file.

The resubmit_job_template.xml file takes two parameters:

  • opType is defined inside the XML file.
  • jobId is defined directly on the command line.

C:\>cd C:\Program Files\Company\Software\Base
C:\Program Files\Company\Software\Base> qlogin -cs commserve001 -u admin
User logged in successfully.
C:\Program Files\Company\Software\Base> qoperation execute -af resubmit_job_template.xml -jobID 4512

The XML in the resubmit_job_template.xml file:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<TMMsg_TaskOperationReq opType="RESUBMIT_JOB" jobId="">

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