DB2 Clone Options

Destination Client
The clone destination client.

Note: The destination client must be configured on the CommCell Console.

Destination Instance
The clone destination instance.

Note: The source and destination instance must run the same DB2 version.

DB2 Home
The full path to the DB2 home directory. The software populates this value when you type the Destination Instance.
DB2 User
The DB2 user

Note: The user can be different from the one that you configured for the backup set or instance in the CommCell Console.

Target Database
The clone destination database name.

Note: The database name must be a new database that does not exist and must be in capital letters, for example, TEST_CLONE.

Staging Directory
The full path to the directory that the software uses to stage the clone.

The staging directory can reside on the destination client or a LUN device.

The software places the online logs in this directory.

Note: The clone job grants the full permissions to the staging directory.

Overwrite if clone exists
Select this check box to have the SnapProtect software overwrite the existing clone database with the clone that you want to create.
Reservation Period
The time that the software retains the test environment. The default is 1 hour.