DB2 Subclients

You can use the CommCell Console to create separate subclients for each unique set of data and log files. Use the following criteria to determine which data to create subclients for:

  • The data that you want to back up
  • The database state when you perform backups
  • The schedule for the backup operations

For information about subclients, see Subclients Overview.

Before you back up data, you must define the data that you want to back up and how to back up the data. You do this by creating one or more subclients for the database that you are backing up. For the DB2 Agent SnapProtect operations, a subclient defines:

  • Whether an entire database is online and all of the database's online log files are backed up
  • Whether data is backed up when the DB2 database is online or offline
  • Whether DB2 archive log files can be included in an SnapProtect subclient that is using a traditional backup method

Depending on your needs, you can create multiple subclients to back up an entire database.

After you create a new backup set for a database, a default subclient is automatically created for the backup set. Each DB2 backup set represents a single DB2 database, so the default subclient includes the entire DB2 database for that backup set.

If a new object is added to the database, and if none of the subclients contain that object, then the object is assigned to the default subclient.