Enabling Automatic Backups of Archive Log Files

You can enable automatic backups of the archive log files by using the SnapProtect library parameters. When the log files that accumulate in the log archive path reach the default threshold, the software automatically backs up the log files by using the third-party command line.


  1. From the DB2 console, type the following command to set the USEREXIT parameter.
    Parameter Description
    database_name The DB2 database name
    CvClientName The name of the client in the CommCell Console

    When you have a clustered environment, you must set this parameter to the virtual client name in the CommCell Console.

    CvInstanceName The name of the SnapProtect installed instance
    software_install_path The path where the agent software is installed

    For non-Linux UNIX agents, use base64 for 64-bit machines and base32 for 32-bit machines.

    For Linux, use base.

    db2 update db cfg for database_name using USEREXIT OFF

  2. To set the LOGARCHMETH parameter to VENDOR, type the command.

    db2 update db cfg for database_name using LOGARCHMETH1 "'VENDOR:/software_install_path/Base/libDb2Sbt.so'"

  3. To set the LOGARCHOPT1 parameter, type the command

    db2 update db cfg for database_name using LOGARCHOPT1 "'CvClientName=CvClientName,CvInstanceName=CvInstanceName'"