Backing Up Exchange Databases

The following backup types are available for Exchange databases:

You can perform backups from the command line interface.

What Is Backed Up

  • Exchange databases and transaction logs
  • Information and Public Folder databases

What Is Not Backed Up

  • System state data
  • Active Directory data
  • Personal Information Stores (PST files)
  • Personal Address Books
  • Offline folders

These items can be backed up using the Windows File System Agent.

Database Failover or an Unavailable Database

If a database failover occurs in a DAG environment or if the database becomes unavailable in a standard environment during a backup, the backup of that database fails, but the overall backup job continues. In this case, the backup reverts to full for the failed database during the next backup.

If a failover occurs or if the database becomes unavailable in the middle of a cycle, the next backup remains an incremental backup.