Enabling Block-Level Backup for Exchange Databases

Applies to: Exchange 2010 or later

When the Exchange database is backed up at the block level, the Exchange database is backed up in 1 MB extents. When specific messages need to be recalled, only the required extents are restored.

Block-level backup is supported for full and copy backups only.

Before You Begin

Make sure that you have a sufficient amount of space for the index. For every 100 GB of data, you should have 30 MB of available space for the index.


Enable block-level backups at the subclient level.

  1. From the CommCell Console, expand Client Computers > client > Exchange Database.
  2. Right-click subclient, and then click Properties.

    The Subclient Properties dialog box appears.

  3. Click the Advanced Options tab.
  4. In the Block-Level Backup Options area, select the Optimize for message level recovery check box.

    A message appears that tells you that the next backup will be converted to a full backup.

  5. Click OK to clear the message.
  6. Click OK.

What to Do Next

After you perform a block-level backup, you can recover messages without restoring the entire database.