Creating Exchange Archiving Policies

Applies to: User Mailbox

Exchange archiving policies determine which messages are archived. In addition, you can enable content indexing of all or of a subset of the messages that are archived.

Remember: The Exchange archiving policy defines how the data is protected, but not whether messages are stubbed. Stubbing is defined by the Exchange cleanup policy.


  1. From the CommCell Console, expand Policies > Configuration Policies.
  2. Right-click Exchange Policies, and then click New Archiving Policy.

    The Create New Archiving Policy dialog box appears.

  3. On the General tab, in the Policy Name box, type name of the policy, and then select which mailbox types will be archived.
  4. On the Messages tab, define which messages are archived based on their age and size.

    Messages that meet both these criteria are archived.

    Tip: We recommend that you include messages older than 15 days.

  5. Define whether to limit archived messages to messages that include attachments.
  6. On the Filters tab, define which folders and message types will be archived.
    1. On the Include Folders subtab, select the folders that you want to archive from the Available list, and then move them to the Selected list.
    2. On the Exclude Folders subtab, select the folders that you do not want to archive, and then move them to the Selected list.
    3. On the Exclude Message Types subtab, select the message types that you do not want to archive, and then move them to the Selected list.
  7. On the Advanced tab, define extra options.
    1. Select the Process Stubs check box to archive stubs.

      Note: Only stubs that are created after this option is enabled are archived. Stubs that are created before this option is enabled are not archived.

    2. Select the Backup Deleted Retention check box to archive messages that have been removed from the Deleted Items Retention folders.
    3. Select the Mailbox Quotas (based on media usage) check box to set a storage quota for protected mailboxes.
    4. In the Skip mailboxes that have exceeded box, type a value (in megabytes).

      Mailboxes that exceed the value that you specify will not be protected.

  8. Optional: On the Content Indexing tab, select the Enable Content Indexing check box.
  9. Click OK.