Disk Eraser Tool

The CVDiskEraser tool is a disk sanitizing tool that you can use to sanitize the storage disks after data aging has pruned the jobs. To enhance the security of your sensitive data you must ensure that as per the data aging regulations set in your organization, the primary data is safely deleted. However, to eliminate any data recovery risks from the backed up data, you must sanitize the disks by using the CVDiskEraser tool. You can use this sanitization tool for the following reasons:

  • To enhance the data security and to comply with your organization's compliance policies.
  • The data aging process physically prunes the data. However, there might be possibilities of data recovery using some third party tools.
  • The CVDiskEraser tool sanitizes the pruned backup data according to the industry standards.

Tip: We recommend to use the CVDiskEraser tool to sanitize the local mount paths as using this tool with network mount paths is resource and time intensive because of the high IO of the disk.

Disk Sanitizing Process

In order to sanitize a disk, you must follow the following process in the order listed.

  1. Run data aging to ensure physical pruning of data. For more information, see Data Aging - Overview.
  2. Configure and execute the Physical Pruning Status Check workflow to verify whether the data of the specified clients was physically pruned during the data aging process. For more information see,  Workflow - Physical Pruning Status Check.
  3. After the Physical Pruning Status Check workflow is successfully executed, you will receive the Physical Pruning Status report. The report will contain the details of the client mount paths that are ready for sanitization. You must run the CVDiskEraser tool on these mount paths. For more information see, Sanitizing the Disk by Using the CVDiskEraser tool.