RMAN Example: Recovering an Oracle Database after an Application-Free Restore

Recover the Oracle database after you perform an application-free restore.

Before You Begin

  1. If you have not installed an Oracle Agent on your target server, install an Oracle Agent with the restore-only option on the server where you will recover the database.
  2. Optional: To have the CommCell Console authenticate the job, configure the parameters for CommCell Console third-party job authentication.


  • Create an RMAN script similar to the one below, with the following parameters:
    • CV_media

      Direct RMAN to use backup pieces on the disk for the device type sbt_tape


      Specify the directory from which backup pieces can be read

    For information on required and optional SBT parameters, see SBT Parameters.

    run {
    allocate channel ch1 type 'sbt_tape'
    allocate channel ch2 type 'sbt_tape'
    restore database;
    recover database ;
    alter database open resetlogs;