RAC Subclient Properties (Content)

RAC Subclient Properties (Content)

Use this tab to define the contents of a new subclient or to change the contents of an existing subclient. When you back up the subclient, database objects included in the subclient content are backed up.

Selective Online Full

Specifies whether selective online full backups will be performed for this subclient.

Enable Table Browse

Specifies that the Oracle RAC iDataAgent gathers the database tables and user information during the backup so that the backup data can be displayed in a table view during a browse operation. This option can be used only on subclients configured for online backups.


Specifies whether data files will be backed up for this subclient, and provides you with a choice of backup modes - Online Database, Online Subset or Offline Database.

  • Backup Mode

    A choice of modes is provided to specify the manner in which data file backups for this subclient will be conducted.

    Online Database

    Specifies the backup of the online database.

    Online Subset

    Specifies the backup of a subset of database objects. Use the tree displayed in the Current Database View to add new or modify these subsets. The database must be online and in ARCHIVELOG mode when the backup is invoked.

    Offline Database

    Specifies the backup of the offline database. The database must be in the MOUNT mode when the backup is invoked.

  • Current Database View

    Displays the subsets (tablespaces and datafiles) that are available in the database associated with this subclient.


    Click to refresh the content of the database.

    Note: The SnapProtect software uses OS authentication (/) for an instance refresh.

Backup Control File

Specifies whether the control files will be backed up.

Backup Recovery Area

Specifies whether to back up the Flash Recovery Area for Oracle 10g or higher versions.

Backup Server Parameter (SPFILE)

Specifies whether the Server Parameter File (SP File) will be backed up.