Oracle RAC Agent SBT Parameters

The following table defines the Oracle RAC System Backup to Tape (SBT) parameters to use with the Oracle RAC.

Parameter Example Definition
CvClientName ENV=(CvClientName=lab04,CvOraSID=SID2,CvInstanceName=instance_name)"; The name of the client defined in the CommCell Console.

Use this parameter in a clustered environment and set it to the physical client name in the CommCell Console.

CvInstanceName ENV=(CvClientName=lab04,CvOraSID=SID2,CvInstanceName=instance_name)"; The name of theSnapProtect instance installed.

This parameter is optional.

When there are multiple software instances, the first installed instance is 'Instance001'.

CV_restCopyPrec ENV=(CV_restCopyPrec=2)”; The copy precedence for the restore job.

This parameter is optional.

-hn ENV= (CvClientName=rac2,CVOraRacDBName=racdb,CvInstanceName=Instance001,-hn=rac1.commcell.com)"; The Oracle RAC control host name for the backup or restore job.

This parameter is optional.

CvSrcClientName ENV=(CvClientName=lab04,CvInstanceName=instance_name,CvSrcClientName=lab03)"; The name of the source client defined in the CommCell, that contains the backup pieces for restores.

Use this parameter for cross-machine or duplicate restores in which you may have conflicting backup pieces between the two Oracle instances on different clients.

CVOraRacDBName ENV=(CvClientName=rac2,CVOraRacDBName=racdb,CvInstanceName=Instance001,-hn=rac1.commcell.com)"; The Oracle RAC database name for the backup or restore job.

This parameter is optional.

CVOraRacDBClientName ENV=(CvClientName=rac2,CVOraRacDBName=racdb,CvInstanceName=Instance001,-CVOraRACDBClientName=new_client)" The Oracle RAC database client name for a cross machine restore or duplicate database restore job. If you restore the database to a computer that is not part of the Oracle RAC pseudo client (cross machine restore), you need to define the environmental variable CVOraRacDBClientName to specify a client that is part of the Oracle RAC pseudo-client.