Backing Up the Web Server DM2 Database

The DM2 database on the Web Server contains configurations and data that are crucial to Compliance Search and other operations. After you install and configure a Web Server for Compliance Search, we strongly recommend that you use the SQL Server Agent to perform weekly backups of the Web Server DM2 database. For other products that use a Web Server, such as Web Console, monthly backups are sufficient.


What to Do Next

After installing and configuring the SQL Server Agent, the DM2 database will have been added to the default subclient for the SQL Server Agent on the Web Server. We recommend that you create a new subclient, add the DM2 database to the new subclient content, and associate the new subclient to a storage policy that is configured for weekly backups.

To configure a subclient for the DM2 database, see Configuring Subclients for Backing Up a Group of Databases.