Configuration - SharePoint Server iDataAgent - Farm

Configuration Backup Restore

The default subclient will backup the complete farm, therefore it is recommended to configure a user-defined subclient and assign a web application to run your first backup.

  1. From the CommCell Browser, navigate to <Client> | SharePoint Server | Databases.

    Right-click Databases | All Tasks and click New Subclient.

  2. In the General tab, enter the <Subclient Name>.

  3. Click the Contents tab.

    Click the Browse button.

    From the Browsing content for dialog box, select the Farm node.

    Click Add and then click Close.

    Ensure to exclude the SharePoint Service Application's Databases from the SQL Server backups, which are being backed up using the SharePoint Server Agent.

  4. Click the Content Database Options tab. From the SQL client to protect Content Databases list, select the name of the SQL server client computer where SharePoint content databases reside.

    • You can use a single subclient if you have multiple content databases on a single SQL server.
    • If you have content databases on multiple backend SQL servers, you can create separate subclients for each SQL server.

  5. Click the Storage Device tab.

    Select the Storage Policy from the drop down list.

    Click OK.

    If you do not have a Storage Policy created, follow the steps given below to create a Storage Policy. 

  6. Perform the following steps to create a storage policy.
    1. From the CommCell Browser, navigate to Policies.
    2. Right-click the Storage Policies and then click New Storage Policy.
    3. Follow the prompts displayed in the Storage Policy Wizard. The required options are mentioned below:
      • Select the Storage Policy type as Data Protection and Archiving and click Next.
      • Enter the name in the Storage Policy Name box and click Next.
      • From the Library list, click the name of a disk library to which the primary copy should be associated and then click Next.

        Ensure that you select a library attached to a MediaAgent operating in the current release.

      • From the MediaAgent list, click the name of a MediaAgent that will be used to create the primary copy and then click Next.
      • For the device streams and the retention criteria information, click Next to accept default values.
      • Select Yes to enable deduplication for the primary copy.
      • From the MediaAgent list, click the name of the MediaAgent that will be used to host the Deduplication Database (DDB).

        In the Location box, type the name of the folder in which the DDB must be located or click the Browse button to select the folder and then click Next.

      • Review the details and click Finish to create the Storage Policy.

    Return to Step 4 to associate the Storage Policy to the subclient.