Offline Mining - SharePoint Server iDataAgent

SharePoint browse and restore allows you to browse and recover data from a granular level of a file, library, sub site or a Site Collection. This is especially useful in cases where there is not a granular level backup available that contains the data to be recovered. This procedure requires availability of a content database attached to an SQL Server.


The following are prerequisites to using this feature:

License Requirements

The SharePoint Offline mining tool requires the Offline Mining Enabler for SharePoint license.

Supported Versions

  • SharePoint Sever 2013
  • SharePoint Server 2010

Client Requirements

SharePoint Agent must be installed on the SharePoint Application server.

Configuring Offline Mining

You can configure to mine an offline content database by following the steps given below:

  1. In the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computers | <Client> | SharePoint Server.
  2. Right-click SharePoint Server and click Properties.
  3. On the General tab ensure that the appropriate SharePoint Version is selected.
  4. Select the Enable Offline Mining check box.
  5. Click OK.