Automatically Discovering SQL Databases Not in Online State

By default, online SQL databases are automatically discovered. However, you can set up automatic discovery of databases that are in a state other than online.

If you are using the default settings for automatic discovery, databases in the following states are excluded:

  • Standby state
  • Restoring state
  • Suspect state (this also includes the Standby state)
  • Shutdown state (this also includes the Suspect and the Standby states)
  • Offline state

For each client, you can individually configure automatic discovery of databases in various states other than online.


On the client computer, add the sDiscoverDatabaseStates additional setting with the database state as value.

For instructions on adding the additional setting from the CommCell Console, see Add or Modify an Additional Setting.

Refer to the following table for applicable values:

Property Value
Name sDiscoverDatabaseStates
Category MSSQLAgent
Type String
Value Type the database state that should be discovered.

For example, to discover databases in the Suspect, Shutdown and Standby states, type: