Backup Troubleshooting - Sybase iDataAgent

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Configuration Failures

SYB0001:  CLSybBrowse150.exe - System Error when Configuring Sybase Instance on Windows Configuration


On a Windows configuration, the following error message is received when configuring an instance.

CLSybBrowse150.exe - System Error


Verify the following paths are added to the System Variables.









Variable Definition
%SYBASE% SYBASE HOME - the base install path
%SYBASE_ASE% The Sybase ASE folder name
%SYBASE_OCS% The Sybase OCS name
%install_path% The software install directory name
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SYBASE HOME is E:\sybase\syb157

SYBASE_ASE folder is ASE-15_0

SYBASE_OCS folder is OCS-15_0

Verify the following System Path entries





E:\sybase\syb157\OCS-15_0\lib3p ·


E:\sybase\syb157\OCS-15_0\bin ·


SYB0002: Instance Configuration Error


Sometimes, you may receive an error while configuring Sybase server instance. You may receive this error when you try to set the Sybase server parameter net password encryption to 2.


As a workaround, add the following entries manually in OCS.CFG file to avoid the error:




You can find the OCS.CFG file at the following location:


Backup Failures

SYB0003: Invalid Argument


Sometimes, backup jobs may fail with the following error:

Invalid Argument.

This issue occurs when you use Sybase 15.5 ESD #4. The backups will not fail if you use 15.5 GA binary (backupserver and sybmultbuf).


Set the block size.

SYB0004: Failure of Backups Performed from a Remote Desktop on Windows


Currently, backups and restores cannot be performed from a remote desktop on Windows.


Use any one of the following solutions that suits your setup:

  • Login to remote desktop using the following command:

    mstsc /v:winclient /console

  • Use netmeeting
  • Use telnet
  • Use the clients console

SYB0005: Backup Failure Due to Incorrect Backup Server Name


If there is a mismatch between an actual backup server name and the name existing in sysservers table of master database, backup fails with the following error message:

Could not establish communication with Backup Server 'SYB_BACKUP'. Please make sure that there is an entry in Sysservers for this server, and that the correct server is running.


Verify and update the srvnetname of backupserver in sysservers table:

update master.dbo.sysservers set srvnetname = "<Backup-Server-Name>" where srvname = "SYB_BACKUP"

Verify the backupserver entry in interface file and that the backup server name is same as mentioned in instance properties.

SYB0006: Backup Fails After an Upgrade to SnapProtect V11


The Sybase backup may fail after you upgrade to SnapProtect V11, or when you reinstall the Sybase Data Agent, with the following error.

"ClSybAgent::VerifySybVersion() - Sybase is not installed with latest Galaxy package for Home [/Apps/sybase/syb157] 684 2ac 03/11 08:02:33 389627 ClSybAgent::DoBackupOrRestore() - VerifySybVersion failed 684 2ac 03/11 08:02:33 389627 main() - DoBackupOrRestore failed"


The SnapProtect file called libSybGalaxy.so is updated when you create a Sybase instance. After you upgrade, save the instance properties.

  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computers > client >Sybase.
  2. Right-click the instance, and then click Properties.

    The Instance Properties dialog box appears.

  3. On the General tab, click OK.

Completed with one or more errors

Backup jobs from Sybase iDataAgent will be displayed as "Completed w/ one or more errors" in the Job History in the following cases:

  • If the subclient contains multiple databases, killing a backup job when some of the database backup jobs are not completed.
  • If the subclient contains multiple databases, if some of the databases in the subclient are corrupted or removed.