Creating an Amazon Client

The virtualization client manages data protection operations for an AWS account. If you have multiple AWS accounts, you must create a different virtualization client for each one. You must create Amazon clients on client computers installed with the Virtual Server Agent.

An Amazon virtualization client is also required to support conversion of virtual machines to Amazon and to create VM Lifecycle Policies.

Before You Begin

General prerequisites:

  • Obtain an Amazon EC2 account. Amazon EC2 credentials are required to create an Amazon client.
  • Obtain the key pair (Access Key and Secret Key) from the Amazon EC2 Web site under Security Credentials.

    For instructions on obtaining Amazon access keys, see Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Documentation.

  • When using the access key and secret key for an IAM user, the user must have appropriate permissions, which can be any of the following:
    • Amazon EC2 Full Access
    • Amazon S3 Full Access
    • Administrator Access
    • Custom permissions to access AWS resources

    See Amazon Web Services User Permissions for Backups and Restores for more information.


  1. In the CommCell Browser, right click Client Computers, and then click New Client > Virtualization > Amazon.
  2. In the Create Amazon Client dialog box, enter the client name, access key, and secret key, and then identify VSA proxies to be used with the Amazon client:
    • Client Name: Type a name for the client that will appear in the CommCell Browser.
    • Access Key: Type the Access Key ID that is associated with your Amazon EC2 account.
    • Secret Key:  Type the Secret Access Key that is associated with your Amazon EC2 account.
    • Next to Proxies, click Add, and in the Select Clients/Client Groups dialog box, select proxies to be used for backups and restores, and then click OK.
  3. Click OK to create the Amazon client.