Create Red Hat Client

Use this dialog to create a virtualization client for a Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) Manager.

Client Name
Enter a host name, fully qualified host name, or IP address for the RHEV Manager host.
User Name
Enter the user name for an account with administrative privileges on the RHEV Manager.
Enter the password for the user account.
Confirm Password
Re-enter the password for the user account.
Identify VSA proxies that can perform backups for the client:
  1. Click Add.
  2. In the Select Clients / Client Groups dialog box:
    1. Select one or more proxies from the Exclude list. Add all VSA proxies that are on VMs in the same data center.

      The list displays all the clients that have the Virtual Server Agent installed and all the client groups. You can select one or more clients or client groups. When you select a client group, ensure that at least one client in the group has the Virtual Server Agent installed.

      The first proxy for a client acts as a coordinator to allocate jobs to other proxies.

    2. Click Include or Include All and then click OK.