Live Mount (Virtual Machine Location)

Use the Virtual Machine Location page to identify the policy, VM name, and network connections for the live mount.

VM Lifecycle Policies

Select the live mount provisioning policy to be used.

VM Name

The name of the virtual machine is used automatically, with 'VM' appended at the end of the name to distinguish the live mounted VM from the original VM. If you change the name, use a name that is unique on the destination vCenter.

Select a network connection for the VM:

  • No Network: Mount the VM without a network connection.
  • Original Network: (Not recommended) The live mounted VM has the same configuration as the original VM and might conflict with it if they are both on the same network.  If you select this option, you must confirm that you want to proceed with this option.
  • Select Network: Choose an available network from the list (as configured in the provisioning policy). 


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