Parameters for Command Line Backups

You can use the following parameters to control command line backups:

Parameter Values Parent Element
appName Virtual Server associations
backupsetName Name of the backup set that contains the subclient. associations
clientName Name of the client that contains the subclient. associations
instanceName Name of the instance that contains the subclient. By default this value is VMware. associations
subclientName Name of the subclient to be backed up. associations
backupLevel Type of backup to perform: FULL, INCREMENTAL, DIFFERENTIAL, or SYNTHETIC FULL. backupOpts
collectMetaInfo Whether to collect file and folder metadata to enable granular recovery. By default this is true for full and streaming backups and false for SnapProtect and incremental backups. backupOpts
dataOpt/createNewIndex Whether to create a new index (true or false). backupOpts
dataOpt/enforceTransactionLogUsage Whether to use database transaction logs to enable granular restarts (true or false). backupOpts
dataOpt/followMountPoints Whether to include mount point data from the subclient (true or false). backupOpts
dataOpt/skipConsistencyCheck Whether to skip the consistency check (true or false). backupOpts
dataOpt/useCatalogServer Whether to use a catalog server (true or false). backupOpts
doNotTruncateLog Whether to truncate database transaction logs (true or false). backupOpts
incLevel Whether to run an incremental backup before or after a synthetic full backup. Use the incLevel parameter with the runIncrementalBackup parameter. Valid values are:
mediaOpt Can contain options for managing backup media. backupOpts
runIncrementalBackup Whether to run an incremental backup with a synthetic full backup (true or false). Used with the incLevel parameter. backupOpts
sybaseSkipFullafterLogBkp Whether  to skip a full backup for new Sybase databases after a log backup (true or false). backupOpts
truncateLogsOnSource Whether to truncate database transaction logs on the source (true or false). backupOpts
vsaBackupOptions/backupFailedVMsOnly Whether to include only VMs that failed to back up in a previous job (true or false). backupOpts