Overview - SnapProtect for VMware

The Virtual Server Agent (VSA) for VMware provides SnapProtect backups, which enable you to create point-in-time snapshots of virtual machine data, combining the capabilities of VMware software snapshots with the speed of the hardware snapshots produced by storage arrays. You can back up large numbers of virtual machines quickly, perform multiple backups each day, and recover full virtual machines or files and folders.

This hardware-independent approach helps you manage snapshots in a unified way without depending on a single storage solution.


Feature Description Additional Information
Backup types Perform full, incremental, differential, or synthetic full backups. Basic Backup

Advanced Backup

Enable granular recovery Collect file and folder metadata for a snapshot or backup copy as part of the backup process. Enabling or Disabling Granular Recovery
Backup copies Automatically mount a snapshot on an ESX server and use it to create a streaming backup copy, offloading the copy operation from production servers to backup infrastructure.

Backup copy operations for SnapProtect backups can use any Virtual Server Agent (VSA) proxy to mount a snapshot datastore on a proxy ESX server and create a backup copy. If SAN transport is available, any VSA proxy can use SAN transport mode to copy backup data and create the backup copy.

Multi-proxy support for backup copies is available for NetApp, HDS, IBM SVC, and EMC VNX CLARiiON engines.

Backup Copy

Advanced Backup Copy

Quiesce the file system and applications Pause activity on virtual machines to ensure data consistency while creating a snapshot. Quiescing the Operating System and Applications before Backup
Application aware backups Create application aware backups of Windows virtual machines running Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, or Oracle applications. Application Aware Backups
Restore options Restore full virtual machines, disks, or guest files and folders.

Use Live Recovery to recover and power on a VM directly from backup media, without waiting for a complete restore.

Use Live Mount to validate a VM by running the VM from a backup copy.

Convert VMware VMs to Hyper-V VMs.

Basic Restore

Advanced Restore

Additional Commvault Features

Feature Description Additional Information
Backup media Back up to disk or other media for quick access or to tape for long term storage and archiving.

Create additional snapshot copies or tape copies as needed.

Storage Policy - Getting Started
Indexing Catalog and index snapshots, enabling policy-based movement to media and recovery. Index and Index Cache
Deduplication Source-side deduplication reduces the bandwidth requirement for secondary copies. Deduplication Overview
Data retention and aging Snapshot jobs are pruned based on the retention policy of the snapshot copy.

Snapshots related to pruned jobs are deleted from the array periodically.

Data Aging