Overview - End-User Operations

End-users can access and manage their data from any remote computer using the following:

Web Console

The Web Console is a web-based application that allows end-users to manage their data. The console behaves as a self service application allowing you to perform backup, restore, download and other operations.

You can easily access your data using the Web Console from any remote computer that runs one of the following web browsers:

  • Apple Safari version 8.0 and later
  • Google Chrome version 40.0 and later
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) version 10 and later
  • Mozilla Firefox version 36.0 and later

The Web Console provides access to a variety of data management operations.

The following operations can  be performed using the Web Console:

  • Set up backups for laptops using the Web Console.
  • Monitor backup operations
  • Search, download and restore backed up data.
  • Synchronize folders from your computers (e.g., home and work computer) so you have access to your files anytime.
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Edge Monitor Tool

You can install the software for laptop backup on your laptop/desktop and locally monitor the backup jobs scheduled by the administrator using the Edge Monitor tool. End-users can perform the following operations from the laptop:

Managing Backup

You can perform following operations to manage the backup jobs of the laptop:

  • In addition to the backup jobs scheduled by Administrator, you can initiate your own backups.
  • You can control the backup jobs
  • You can access to the Web Console where you can configure and protect the laptop with operations such as: managing the backup content, setting filters for the backup content, restoring the backed up data etc.

Installing Updates

You can use the Edge Monitor to install updates on your local computer without the help from administrator.

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Commvault Edge Application

The mobile application Commvault Edge provides quick access to your backed up data and allows you to browse, download and share your backup files.

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Explorer Plug-In

Explorer Plug-in allows you to restore backed up data using the windows explorer.

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