High-Level Process Flow for Social Sign In End Users

After Social Sign In is configured by an administrator, users must register before they can log on using credentials from a social media account.

User Registration

  • An unregistered user goes to the Web Console URL and clicks the Create New Account link to register a social media account.
  • The user completes a form that includes the email address for the social media account.
  • The form triggers the Social Sign In Account Registration workflow.
  • The workflow sends registration emails to the approvers and to the user.
  • The user receives an email after the approver approves or denies the registration.

User Login

  • A registered user goes to the Web Console URL and clicks the link to log on with a social media account.
  • The social media providers associated with the Web Console are displayed.
  • The user chooses a provider, signs in to the provider account, and grants permission so that the Web Console can fetch the user details.

    Note: Users are prompted to grant permission only the first time they log on using a provider account.

  • After permission is granted, the Web Console fetches the user details from the provider using the OAuth protocol.
  • The user is automatically logged on to the Web Console using the provider user credentials.