Adding a Folder to Favorites List from the Web Console

You can add frequently accessed folders to a Favorites list from the Web Console. This allows you to quickly access the folders without having to navigate through the browse results.


  1. From the Web Console, click My Data.

  2. Click the Computers tab.
  3. Click the computer_name that contains the data you require .

    Alternatively, you can click Show Details for the computer containing the data that you want and click Select Files under the Restore section.

  4. From the Restore Files page, click the  star icon for the specific folder at the right-end of the screen.

    The folder is added to the Favorites list.

  5. Click Favorites on the left pane to view the added folder.
  6. To remove the folder from the Favorites list, click the star icon for the specific folder and refresh the screen.