Disabling Collaborative Share for a User or a User Group

By default, all users in the CommCell environment can request a collaborative share from the Web Console.

You can disable the collaborative share feature for specific users and user groups. When you disable the collaborative share feature, the user cannot view the option to request collaborative share on the Web Console. 


  1. From the command prompt on any client computer, go to <Software Installation Directory>/Base.
  2. Log on to the CommServe computer using the qlogin command.
  3. Run one of the following commands:
    • To disable the collaborative share feature for a user, run the following command

      qoperation execscript -sn updateUserGroupUserPropertiesCap -si 'u=username' -si 'cvFeature Capabilities' -si 'COLLABORATIVESHARE' -si 'add'

    • To disable collaborative share feature for a user group, run the following command:

      qoperation execscript -sn updateUserGroupUserPropertiesCap -si 'ug=usergroupname' -si 'cvFeature Capabilities' -si 'COLLABORATIVESHARE' -si 'add'

    Tip: To enable collaborative share for the same user or user group, at the end of the command line, change add to remove.