Configuring Collaborative Shares for Web Console Users

A collaborative share is an ObjectStore repository where Web Console users can store and share their data. ObjectStore is a data storage repository that is provided by SnapProtect. For more information, see ObjectStore.

Use the Collaborative Share predefined workflow to create collaborative shares for users and user groups. The workflow is automatically triggered every time a user requests a collaborative share request from the Web Console. To create the collaborative share, the workflow uses the system user information from the ObjectStore and information from the workflow properties.

Before You Begin

Before you configure the predefined workflow, create an ObjectStore client in the CommCell Console. You must assign a CommCell user as the system user for the ObjectStore. For more information, see Creating an ObjectStore Client.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, go to Workflows, right-click Create Collaborative Shares, and then click All Tasks > Edit.

    The Create Collaborative Shares window appears.

  2. On the Variables tab of the Workflow Properties pane, enter values for the following variables:
    • EdgeDriveRestEndpointURL: Enter the Web Console URL using the following URL format: http://hostname/webconsole/api.
    • EdgeDriveUserame: Enter the user account of the ObjectStore system user.
    • EdgeDrivePassword: Enter the password for the ObjectStore system user that you specified.
    • ldapEndpointURL: Enter the URL of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server. LDAP filters help you retrieve specific user information from your directory server.
    • ldapPrincipal: Enter the user name of the LDAP security principal that you use to access the LDAP server.
    • ldapCredential: Enter the password to access the LDAP server.
    • domainName: Enter the name of the your company's directory server so that you can easily look up for other users to join the collaborative share.
  3. At the upper bar of the Create Collaborative Shares window, click Save, and then click Deploy.
  4. In the Deploy Workflow dialog box, select the workflow engine that you want to use, and then click OK.
  5. Click OK to the pop up window confirming the successful deployment.
  6. Close the Create Collaborative Shares window.
  7. On the workflow, to users and user groups who will create collaborative shares, assign the Execute Workflow permission. For more information, see Configuring Workflow Permissions.


What to Do Next

Notify your users that they can start creating collaborative shares from the Web Console.