Disabling Data Browse for Non-Default Subclients for the Web Console

By default, the Web Console displays all data from the default and non-default subclients in the default backupset on your client computer. You can disable data browse from non-default subclients.


  1. On your Web Console computer, add the additional setting that applies to your agent:
    Property Value
    Name For non-default file system subclients: useFsBackupsetLevelBrowse

    For non-default SharePoint subclients: usespBackupsetLevelBrowse

    Category WebConsole
    Type Boolean
    Value Select one of the following values:
    • False - to disable data browse from non-default subclients in the defaultBackupSet.
    • True - to enable data browse from all subclients in the defaultBackupSet.

    For instructions on adding the additional setting from the CommCell Console, see Add or Modify an Additional Setting.

  2. Restart the Tomcat services on the Web Console computer.