Installing a Self-Signed Certificate for Tomcat Server

If you enabled HTTPS and you use a self-signed certificate for authentication, you can use a utility to install the self-signed certificate.

Before You Begin

About This Task

  • For Web Console, perform this task on the Web Console computer.
  • For Compliance Search, perform this task on the Compliance Search computer.


  1. Open the command prompt and go to ##_DOC_OEM_INSTALL_DESTINATION_COMPANY_FOLDER_##\SnapProtect\Base.
  2. Run the utility with the following arguments:

    CaCertUtility.exe -instance=Instance001 -certpath="d:\New Folder\certificate.crt"

    For example: CaCertUtility.exe -instance=Instance001 -certpath="C:\certificates\mycert.cer"

What To Do Next