Best Practices - Windows File System Agent

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Restoring to a Computer with Different Hardware Configuration

If you are performing a full system restore to a computer with a different hardware configuration (mass storage device, network interface card, video card, etc.), do not restore the system state data. Restoring system state data includes restoration of the hardware entries in the registry.

Filtering Exchange, SQL, or Oracle Files from Backup

By default, Windows File System Agent will backup SQL, Exchange, and Oracle databases if they are part of a subclient content. However, if these databases are backed up using the corresponding Exchange Database Agent, SQL Server Agent, Virtual Server Agent on a Hyper-V server, or Oracle Agent , you can exclude them from Windows File System backups by creating the FilterWriterFilesForIDA additional setting on the client computer. For more information on creating this additional setting, see Excluding Database Application Files from Windows File System Backups.

Note that you can filter Oracle database files only if your version of Oracle supports VSS.

Run the following commands to query the VSS writer and determine the list of files that will be excluded from the backup job:

C:\Users\Administrator>diskshadow /l c:\vss.txt

DISKSHADOW> list writers detailed

The list of excluded files for each writer will be available in the vss.txt file in drive C.