Adding Files and Folders with Unicode Characters to Content Files

If the path or the filename contains Unicode characters, the Content File must be converted to a format that can be used during backup operation.

The Unicode Conversion utility must be used to convert the Content File to a format that can be provided as input.


  1. Using a text editor, create a file that contains a list of files or folders with Unicode characters and save the file as a Unicode text file.
  2. From the command line, navigate to the <software install folder>/Base folder and type the following:

    ./CVconvertUnicode <source file> <destination file>


    • <source file> is the full path and name of the file created in Step 1.
    • <destination file> is the full path and name of the destination file. This file is automatically created by the utility.
  1. Use the destination file as the content file to perform an On-Demand backup.

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